Raw Milk Conspiracy

Raw Milk Conspiracy – born out of protest, bonded in trial – the London four piece bring purpose back to music

with their debut four track EP – Miss Information Whore, released on Monday 27th May 2024 on new freedom label Defiance Records.

There will also be an EP + Label launch on the same day at The Night Owl, Finsbury Park (N4 2DH). Doors 6pm.


The tracks on this EP are also the soundtrack to a forthcoming documentary about the last 4 and a half years, and the W.H.O. Pandemic Treaty, which is due to be signed on June 1st 2024.

This will give immense power to an unelected body, handing over individual sovereignty, and going against human rights.


Raw Milk Conspiracy are a freedom band, and the material reflects what is happening in London and throughout the west.

You can keep up to date with the Raw Milk Conversation herehttps://t.me/rawmilkconversation 

Raw Milk Conspiracy – Miss Information Whore EP Launch


Raw Milk Conspiracy – Miss Information Whore


Raw Milk Conspiracy on the Resistance GB Podcast

June 27th to 30th 2024 – Sounds Beautiful Festival, Wimborne, Dorset – Raw Milk Conspiracy

July 25th – Underground Sounds – Raw Milk Conspiracy (at The Night Owl – N4 2DH)

August 3rd 2024 – Bush Hall, London – Raw Milk Conspiracy (Supporting The Blockheads)

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